Why Mosquitoes That Dangerous

Most of the time, mosquitoes are not like bees. People seem to fear the bee’s sting more than the bite of the mosquito. That is actually quite silly. Actually, its quite sad. Because the moment a bee stings you, it dies. All it was trying to do was protect its queen. But the mosquito? It was trying to suck the life out of you, quite literally so too as it turns out. Because ask any specialist mosquito control company in Lake Charles, and the technicians will tell you that some people could die from the mosquito’s bite.

Never mind that the vaccine for a variety of malarial infections is now widely available, there will be those who could develop a rather fatal allergic reaction to the mosquito’s bite. Why would this be fatal perhaps? Well, its just that previously the allergy may have been unknown and by the time it is discovered, it might be all too late for the victim. And now there is this. The novel coronavirus. Currently, there is no vaccine ready.

And there is no cure for a virus that has been around for centuries. It might seem paranoid to suggest this, but who is to say that mosquitoes cannot be carriers of this virus. After all, it has happened before. Rats hiding away on sea-faring ships carried the virus. And these rodent-like pests caught it from fleas.  And in history, scientists have unearthed fossilised accounts of insects that had traces of the virus on their carapaces.

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So, it is plain to see that nothing can be left to chance in this day and age. Your just-hired professional mosquito control company certainly won’t be treating this matter lightly. So there, not to be complacent but you can also relax now.