Remedial and Special Education and Technology

Technology has become a very major part of society. People from all walks of life use technology to simply get through the day, and society is becoming more and more dependent on it. While technology has become a major factor everywhere; education is perhaps one of the most important fields that it has come to dominate and special education in particular. See also this video about Remedial and Special Education and Technology:

The days of paper and pencils are drifting away, and quickly being replaced by computers. Laptops, printers, inks, and toners have all found themselves as major components in the education system today and in many ways, technology has helped develop great special education programs.

Students almost all have the need for their own laptops and printers, especially when they reach high school and college ages, as most work must now be done through various programs or online, and then printed out for class.

The demand for these forms of technology has never been higher as they are now a part of everyday life in education, and everywhere else for that matter. It is safe to say that technology is necessary for every student to have access to.

College-aged students have the largest need for such things but also children with some learning disorder have benefitted immensely. They are away from home and will need to work independently on their studies which brings in the need for laptops.

The internet is a wonderful thing, in the sense that is has made it so that a trip to the library is no longer a necessity. With a laptop, anywhere that has internet access is a fantastic place to do research for a paper or project and this applies not only to college or high school students. Also, students in special education need their laptops nowadays as technology has become important here as well.

Once all the information needed has been retrieved, and there is no longer the need for internet, the assignments can be completed anywhere that a laptop can go, which is about anywhere that is not in the water. Printers are also a very key item for a student to own, as they will most likely be having to print numerous items on the daily basis.

Technology is necessary for students in all fields of education, as many of their assignments rely heavily on it, also in special education, and though they may be able to be done without it, the student’s sanity may not hold having to do a research paper by reading books in the library. Many teachers are also blogging as they understand it’s a very useful educational tool both for them and their students.

In modern society, the dependence on technology is not hard to miss. The majority of people are carrying one form or another of it at all times of the day, and many people rely on it for their special education requirements or jobs. Technology is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

The American Family Unit: Getting Worse Before Getting Better?

Think back to the typical American Family of the 50’s. It was typically portrayed as a nuclear family, with Mom, Dad, and 2 or 3 children. As the decades have marched on the American Family Unit has changed. There are different reasons for this. As a society, we have changed. Dependent upon how you look at it, the change is neither good nor bad, but different.

The changes have come because of changes in marital status and sexual status. More couples started to divorce in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This resulted in a different family unit. Families started to grow by now having extended family such as a stepmom or half-brother, etc. As we move further into the 21st century, there are more families headed by single mothers or fathers which may lead to a disrupted work-life balance. There are also more families that have unmarried parents.

There are also more households currently that have 2 fathers or 2 mothers. This is a change from years ago when this would have been frowned upon. Today society is more open to this type of family unit and special education has become also an integral part of our society.

Another way that the family unit has changed today is that there are many grandparents stepping in to raise their grandchildren. Because of economic situations, many young adults are unable to afford to raise their children because they do not have the resources available with all sorts of predictable consequences leading to special education needs. As a counter to this, there is the sandwich generation which is the generation of 50 to 60-somethings that are not only raising their own children, even if they require special attention or education, but are also taking care of their aging parents.

The family unit should always be viewed as interdependent within the larger society. Studying the family unit is a part of sociology. This is an interesting topic for some people to understand and study. These students often are majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences. The studies that these students complete often lead to careers in therapy, counseling, special education for autistic kids, or social work.

Having questions posed such as the title help these students to perhaps focus on new thoughts for the family unit. It may lead to new ways of studying and teaching, and new ways of analyzing the family unit and its impact on the world. We all know the importance of encouraging children so let’s give that some more thought.

Thinking about the family unit as such an important part of the greater society is important. Tracking the changes over the past decades may help us to understand how the family unit will impact the future of us all and special education in particular.