Learning About Medical Procedures

There are a lot of different medical procedures that are not possible due to advances in medicine and technology.  What used to require large incisions and strong doses of medications can now be done with small incisions and little to no pain or medications. 

For those looking at different procedures such as laparoscopic surgery in mt pleasant, or something similar, learning about your medical procedures should be the first step in determining what you need to do and why.  In most cases, fear tries to win out over reason, however, with a little research and some communications with your doctors, you can be assured that you are getting the best care possible.


One of the scariest things that we face when looking at medical procedures is the terms that are used.  Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals go to school for years to learn about and understand these terms.  For the rest of us, they are scary and can be very confusing.

When learning about terms don’t dive too deep.  Look for the simplest term or explanation of the process.  When we start digging for meaning in these areas we start to think of different things or go down rabbit holes that we shouldn’t go down.  Just learn the basics and you will be okay.

Do some research

It is okay to go out and do some research but when you do, look for vetted sources and not some person’s personal blog.  You want to look for websites and papers written by doctors and professionals.  You will also want to get multiple sources to compare to.  Over time you will be able to weed out the junk from the gold nuggets.

Know things change

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As research is conducted, new studies are released and technology advances, things will change.  What we once knew about a topic may be wrong or we may find a better safer way of doing things.  As a result you need to be open to change and allow change to happen.