Finding the Best Backpacks for Girls

In the eyes of most girls, their school backpacks are a lot more than just something to take their books to school in, they have to be a reflection of their own personal style (whatever that may be at the moment) The best backpacks for girls are those that do indeed have a certain pizazz but are hardy and durable enough to stand up to daily wear and tear as well. See also this video with cute 2017 backpack though now there may be new 2018 models. But anyway:

Here are a few we came across recently that seem to fit those criteria nicely:

Best Backpacks for Girls – The Jansport Superbreak – Jansport backpacks have a well-deserved reputation for durability, functionality and quality construction but for exciting styling they are not likely to top many shoppers lists. However, the new line of Jansport backpacks for girls are attractive enough to satisfy a tween or teen’s fashion sense while still being a backpack that will last for years.

The nicest of the range, in our opinion, is the Jansport Superbreak. It comes in a massive variety of 45 different girl-friendly designs including several “bleeding heart” designs that fit the current punk/emo trend perfectly. Check also if the bag is not too heavy as this could cause some real health issues! The Jansport Superbreak line of backpacks for girls cost between $20 and $25 and can be purchased from Dicks Sporting Goods.

Best Backpacks for Girls – Target’s Wildkin Polka Dots Backpack – This backpack is a well constructed, durable choice but its bright pink and pastel colored polka dots design set it apart from other “sensible” backpack choices. It features multiple exterior and interior compartments and is made from a polyester blend that is both water and tear resistant. Target sells the Wildkin Polka Dots backpack for around $30. In doubt, ask for advise or help.

Best Backpacks for Girls – Dakine – Dakine is fast gaining a reputation for being the manufacturer who makes the coolest backpacks for girls on the market right now. Dankine traditionally made backpacks for use by sports enthusiasts who surf, skate, snowboard, ski, mountain bike and windsurf.  This means that their backpacks are made to the highest quality standards to withstand all weather conditions and tons of abuse.

Their new girls’ designs, however, are what is attracting the attention of the female tween and teen set. Their Girls Prom Pack line comes in fifteen different designs and features an insulated pocket for sunglasses or cell phones as well as a very roomy interior. All of the design options are bold and interesting and they certainly make a statement, something many kids are looking for when it comes to backpacks for girls. And don’t let your girl have any wrong ideas or prejudices. In the end, YOU decide!

The Dakine Girls Prom Pack can be purchased at for between $30-$50 depending on the style you choose.