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Have You Ever Thought What A Group Hug Could Do For You?

Perhaps it is true that a majority of readers here may not have ventured this far. If they are not stubbornly self-reliant or filled with a little too much pride that could be considered healthy, they might just be a little on the shy side of life. They are inherently introverted and give off the impression that they might just prefer to be alone. But little do people at large know. It is not as simple as it looks. Had they known too what a difference a warm hug could make, perhaps some of those in a little trouble would have registered for group therapy in chester, pa.

Given that talking out aloud is never easy for those that may be introverted, talk is never cheap of course, and especially since the young lady may be dealing with menstrual stress that manifests as some form of depression, or the young lad may be finding it challenging to come out of the proverbial closet for instance, or not coping very well at his new job, no harm was ever done by just sitting back and listening for a bit. Of course, it would have been churlish or presumptuous to expect the young patient to endure for the duration of the scheduled forty-five minutes listening to the clinical psychologist rattle on if you will.

group therapy in chester, pa

But that is usually not how it happens, of course. Usually it is the clinical psychologist that is doing the listening and boy, is he well-trained in the listening skills department. Also note that the new patient could be drawing a lot of encouragement and/or inspiration from listening to others talk about their experiences, experiences to which he or she may clearly be able to relate to.