A Rolling Backpack Or A Traditional Bookbag?

Want to hear a rather startling fact? According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 3,000 children are treated in US emergency rooms every year with, of all things, backpack-related injuries. In fact, the weight and size of the backpacks schools seem to think it is necessary for kids to lug along with them every day is a concern for many doctors and parents. So let’s see, what’s better, a rolling backpack or a traditional bookbag?

A rolling backpack is often a slightly safer alternative to a traditional backpack, at least in terms of stress and strain injuries (pick up your kid’s backpack, if you are like most parents you will be shocked by just how heavy it is) but there are some things to keep in mind before you purchase a rolling backpack for your child to take to school every day:

School Rules – Even though they make a huge difference in the daily life of an overloaded school child many schools still ban rolling backpacks as a tripping hazard. Before you buy a rolling backpack call the school your child attends to make sure that they do allow rolling backpacks to be taken to school at all.

Check the Load – Not all rolling backpack choices are created equal and you do need to make sure the one you choose to purchase is up to the job. Usually, the older your child gets the more stuff they will have to take to school every day. Most rolling backpack choices do state on the label or in the description how much they can accommodate so it is worth checking that out before you buy. Sometimes it’s just hard to find the best solution, also when it comes to backpacks for girls.

Terrain Considerations – A rolling backpack is great for wheeling along the pavement but how about if there is snow outside – not so much. The average rolling backpack may also not be so good for navigating down narrow school bus aisles. For that reason, you should look for a rolling backpack that can also be carried when necessary, and that has wide, comfortable backpack straps, even if they will only be used occasionally.

The Look – Even the youngest kids have some rather strong opinions about the way they want their rolling backpack to look. Choosing one that looks more like a flight carry-on bag than a rolling backpack is probably not going to be popular with your average style conscious 12-year-old. Function should definitely be considered before looks when it comes to choosing the right rolling backpack but even the best of them are of little use if a child considers it so “ugly” that they refuse to use it! Well, it’s not all about looks only. Some could really harm your child and cause long-lasting injury!

The Price – Purchasing a very cheap rolling backpack might seem like a good idea in August but when it is already too battered and tattered to be used anymore by the time Thanksgiving rolls around the savings are negated somewhat since you will have to head out backpack shopping again. There are some great rolling backpacks for girls options that are both durable and stylish that cost under $50 that will be tough enough to make it through the school year and still look stylish enough to satisfy the requirements of even the fussiest fashionista.