CutUsABreak Events, Society and Education

Do you have something to celebrate in a special way? CutUsABreak offers a variety of possibilities, for companies, teams, colleagues, foreign guests, families and groups of friends.  From the beginning until the end you are assured of a great time that meets your wishes. We also strongly support education activities. There is not a better investment we can make as a community than our schools.


This website gives you an idea of our activities but a lot more is possible, depending on your demands. Our enthusiastic team is willing to talk to you for a non-committal advice. Whatever you have on your mind, we like to organize it for you in order to offer you a day with ‘ a golden sparkle

About us

CutUsABreak is a young company with lots of creative energy. The many customers that went before you, felt at home at CutUsABreak because they found a reliable and flexible partner with many original ideas.

On this website you will get an impression of our programs. However, concerning the activities and locations the possibilities are unlimited. The team of CutUsABreak  is very willing to talk with you about your wishes in a non-committal way.

Our Support for Education

Great schools make for a stable community with more educated citizens, a healthier business climate, better jobs and lower unemployment.  This creates a much healthier local economy that provides fiscal predictability for retirees. A good education system helps to raise good citizens and contributing members of society. These young people feel valued, and many give back by volunteering in the community, which is what happens when a community values its young citizens and their education. We team up with MyCareerTools and together we help people earn their HSE diploma, we contribute to development of online GED classes and practice tests.


Any well-functioning local economy rests on several pillars: reasonably priced energy, a reasonable and rational taxation system, an efficient transportation system, adequate health care, reasonable access to capital for home and business loans – and a good system for educating.

Community leaders agree that healthy schools help maintain healthy communities. By becoming our client you will be joining us in supporting the schools and continue education. We will pass the favor along.Our schools play a pivotal role in supporting our community and help to retain and attract new families, businesses and other enterprises.  Strong schools create environments for young people to learn and grow and to become valuable, contributing members to the society throughout their lives.