Cut us a break-Test Taking Tips

A lot of studies have reported that pausing for just a moment to reboot and relax is important for achieving success, positive outlook and productivity.

This is even more important for students who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. Many students believe that all night study groups and cram sessions can help them earn a college degrees.

However, if you don’t take regular breaks, it may lead to a significant decrease in your academic performance. In some cases, it may even lead to health problems like insomnia, depression and anxiety.

- Taking a Break Effectively. While most studies suggest that break time is extremely important in study sessions, it is worth mentioning that there are both ineffective and effective ways to reboot your mind. It does not come as a surprise that most students spend their time taking breaks and spending time on Facebook, texting or calling friends and so on.

According to a recent survey, such activities can increase stress and anxiety. Respondents in the survey were divided into two groups - Those who actively participate in social media activities, and those who don’t. Of these active social networking participants, more than 80% stated their days with "stressful" or "very stressful". 72% people not actively participating in social media activities gave the same reply.

Some other studies report that constant engagement in social media activities can also reduce a student’s ability to effectively learn and focus. People think that social media platforms are similar to the real world interaction. However, participating in social media activities is quite different from a real life conversation with friends in terms of basic body chemistry. When you connect with people on social media platforms, you don’t get serotonin and oxytocin to keep you calm. In fact, most web users are left with excess of dopamine.